Alhadi Klaib

Tripoli, شعبية طرابلس

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About me:

I am a punctual, energetic, committed and passionate individual. I am inherited innately in assisting and supporting people regardless of their backdrop. As an assistant professor, I am excellent in working collaboratively or individually (depending on the task) to complete the assigned task in the most appropriate shape. I am interested in a variety of research areas including, but not limited to, data retrieval, big data, XML data retrieval, Indexing XML data, XML Query Performance, and Software engineering. I taught a variety of modules such as Database Technology, Foundation of programming, Operating Systems, Research Methodology, Computer Architecture, Data structures, Computer Networks & Security, Computer Fundamentals, Software Engineering, Systems Analysis and Design, Information Systems.


PhD in Computer Science from the University of Huddersfield, UK. 

Masters’ Degree  MSc in Software Systems Technology from the University of Sheffield, UK.

BSc in Computer Programming and Applications from University of Elmergib, Libya. 


Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Information Systems (Sept. 2018 – present), Elmergib University/ Libya.

Lecturer of Computer Science, (Jan. 2007 – Feb. 2013), Elmergib University / Libya.

Software Developer, Admin & Supervisor of the Computer Network. Mediterranean Wood Company), Libya (Mar. 1997 – August 2003).  

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