Rania Alforjani R

Rania Alforjani

Tripoli, شعبية طرابلس

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About me:

A Graduate of Bachelor Degree Medical Technology - Department Of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Amadeus for Ticket Issuing 12-Dec-2010 — 18-Dec-2010 Microsoft Office (Word – Excel – PowerPoint- Access) 10-10-2009 -20- 10-2009


Medical tecnology ansthisea and ICU 


Anastasia And ICU Technician Supervise In ICU As Technician Trauma Centre 500LYD 2-Feb-2009 — 21-Jan-2010 Anastasia And ICU Technician Supervise In ICU As Technician And Dealing With Accountant And Closing Patient Files Brothers Clinic 500LYD 30-Jan-2010 — 1-May-2010 Secretary CPTDC 500LYD 27-Nov-2010 - 1-Sep-2011 Operational Manger I Was the Supervise in The Company NAMCO 800 LYD 21-Jan-2012 -30-April-2013 Commercial director and My job was to contact the major international companies in the medical field and request to have their agency provident contracted has been providing more than 10 companies, including two first class was contracted with them fully, and the rest under study in a period of less than 6 months from the beginning of my work as I was responsible on the presentations and invoice , the preparation of drift and General Studies for the Libyan market translation and connecting with the public UMALRABII for Pharmaceuticals and medical devices 1800LYD 01/11/2014 to 3/10/2016 School manager Full principal responsibilities Orange kindergarten 2000 LYD 03\10\ 2016 to 30\04\2018 School manager Full principal responsibilities TRS School 2500 LYD 1\06\2018 to 12\03\2019 Program assistant Program, administrative job UNICEF 2100 $ 10/09/2019 until now

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